What will you make, do, and become?

Apex Innovation Academy, Lake Elsinore, California

We are a unique one-room, micro-learning center serving grades 3 through 8, focused on personalized learning tailored to each student's needs, values, interests, and gifts.

Apex Innovation Academy in Lake Elsinore moves past the worn-out methods of the traditional school system.

It's time for a change!

Many American families have had enough. Kids grow up bored or feeling like a failure. Parents are sick of fights over homework and tired of hearing from teachers about "what's wrong" with their children. They are fed up with all of the problems in their schools. There has to be a better way. There is! Many schools around the world are using innovative models to educate students. We at Apex are a part of that movement. We understand your frustration and we want to team with you to give your child an exciting, motivating, career-connected education! You found us.

“The anxiety children feel at constantly being tested, their fear of failure, punishment, and disgrace, severely reduces their ability both to perceive and to remember, and drives them away from the material being studied into strategies for fooling teachers into thinking they know what they really don’t know.” – John Holt

Experienced Leadership

Tim Bedley, the 2013 Riverside County Teacher of the Year, has been serving families in the public school system since 1988. Parents and students love having Mr. Bedley as their teacher. Apex Innovation Academy is a new opportunity for families to have Tim coach and mentor their children. Mr. Bedley is all about learning and high standards, only with less stress and more joy. Productive, relevant learning is fun!

"When Mr. Bedley's former students show up at my school, they look me in the eyes, they shake my hand, and I know instantly that they're from his class."

-Tom Ellis

Middle School Teacher, 19 years

With a student body of only 15 students, Apex Innovation Academy is a micro-learning center that delivers a caring, supportive culture all families need and love. Mr. Bedley's students are known for being confident, competent leaders. Mr. Bedley models kindness and positivity so the kids follow. Apex is a place that young people (and even adults) will love to be. Check out our list of events coming this next school year!

At Apex, you will have abundant chances to connect with like-minded families!


Education starts with relationships.

At Apex Innovation Academy, we believe students flourish in a space where respectful debate and consensus-building are practiced in the context of meaningful relationships. Many schools today feel the need to protect students from opposing opinions and create a "safe space" so nobody gets their feelings hurt. We at Apex do not believe in coddling our students. AIA expects our kids to be open and to develop resilience. Apex students are tough-minded and caring.

A Marketplace of Ideas

Apex is Unique

At Apex Innovation Academy, we believe in nurturing a love of learning in every child. Our approach emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity, rather than rote memorization of irrelevant facts. We've eliminated homework, grades, and shaming from our educational model, creating a low-stress environment that's conducive to self-motivated, independent learning.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio (15 to 1) ensures that children receive the attention they deserve, fostering a deep connection to their educational journey. We honor each family's unique contribution to our community, creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Schools around the world are moving to a model like ours, but we are one-of-a-kind in this region!

Learning at up to double the rate of traditional schools.

Students at Apex learn fast! Why?

In most traditional schools, a teacher delivers a lesson to a class of about 30 students. This is ineffective because the students' skill levels, interests, and gifts vary greatly. Only a small portion of students are learning optimally. The above-grade-level students and far above-grade-level students are bored and frustrated. The struggling students are overwhelmed and give up. In addition, disinterested students tune out.

At AIA, lessons are personalized for each student's individual skill level, interests, and gifts. We use the "Core 4" as described in the video here. Each student is inspired to learn because their work will provide the perfect degree of challenge. The above-grade-level students are not bored. The below-grade-level students are not overwhelmed. Everyone is learning at their own pace and at the optimum level of challenge. In addition, students at Apex work on topics they enjoy and they teach each other (see the Feynman Technique Video.)

The result is rapid growth that far exceeds that of traditional schooling. The advanced students become even more advanced, while the struggling students don't give up but make excellent progress.

Another advantage for Apex students is the use of deep practice. Tim Bedley is well-versed in brain research and particularly, how we learn. Apex students learn about the brain and engage in what scientists call "deep practice." Deep practice is different from typical practice and results in more myelin-wrapped axons (or brain nerve fibers). These wrapped pathways send signals at up to 100 times the rate of unwrapped pathways which helps explain the academic, social and extracurricular proficiency seen in Mr. Bedley's students. Coaching is based on research-backed methods as described in the ground-breaking book The Talent Code: Greatness isn't born, it's grown. Here's How.

Mr. Bedley's current students are learning at an average of *1.66 times the expected growth rate! Join us at Apex and see how fast your child grows and develops a love of learning once again.

*Based on STAR Math Test Results

Videos that Inspire

Apex Innovation Academy is different. Here are a few videos that inspired us to create Apex Innovation Academy.

A note about the driving video below: Young people in America today are coddled and protected to the point where they don't enjoy life, suffer from a lack of confidence, and become riddled with anxiety. We at AIA believe in empowering kids to take risks and leading them to explore the real world. Kids are EXCITED to learn when they are given meaningful challenges.

Where is Apex Innovation Academy?

Apex Innovation Academy Learning Center is scheduled to open for students beginning August 7, 2024, at the Dream Center located in Downtown Lake Elsinore.

In-person education

Parents Love Apex

Listen to William's mom, Lovie. Her son has been in Mr. Bedley's class for 4 years.