Apex Innovation Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's be real; many of these questions have never been asked of us. However, this page addresses potential questions and concerns about AIA.

Q: If you make school too comfortable and easy on kids, won't you create a bunch of wimps?

A: Yes. That is why AIA does not make school comfortable and easy. We do create a system that helps the student achieve meaningful goals, but we make it anything but easy. Learning at AIA is challenging and hard.

Q: Do students get to do whatever they want at AIA?

A: No. AIA has high standards and expectations. Some schools and learning centers have swung the pendulum too far in the "freedom" direction and the results are unhealthy. Adults (parents and teachers) are still in charge at AIA, but students are given enough freedom and choice so they have the opportunity to learn naturally from their decisions. AIA provides structure, rewards, and consequences for students when needed.

Q: Do students learn advanced concepts at AIA?

A: Absolutely! In fact, they become even more advanced than kids in traditional schools.

Q: How does AIA produce academically advanced students?

A: Through detailed assessments and the use of technology, each student is taught at a level just above her current level. That means that no student is overwhelmed causing him to give up. No student is bored with "easy" assignments. All students are challenged and move rapidly up the ladder of progress. All students, including the advanced ones, grow even more than they would in the traditional model.

Q: Will my child be able to qualify for college if she attends AIA?

A: Yes. AIA students will follow in the footsteps of other students in nontraditional schools who not only attend college but thrive. That's because AIA produces students who take charge of their education and care about learning, not just grades. AIA students develop strong character that transfers to any future challenge.

Q: Will AIA students take advanced courses like AP Chemistry or Calculus?

A: Yes and no. Students with a path (developed by parents, student, and coach) that requires advanced courses like this will take them.